Yvette Anavi

Yvette Anavi 2“The Judesmo Scholar”

“Judesmo is a sweet language. 
What other languages can we call sweet?
French is difficult, Hebrew is guttural, Italian is melodious and only Judesmo is sweet. 
They all realised that Judesmo was not just a spoken language, 
passed from one speaker to another, 
but a language which has its set of rules, spelling and everything else 
that other languages have.”

At age 92, Yvette Anavi of Plovdiv, Bulgaria is lively and talkative. She is a retired librarian and an active researcher of Sephardic life and heritage. Sephardic Cuisine is her first book, followed by a textbook in Judesmo, and then Ya Amanesyo (It Dawned) – an anthology of Sephardic legends, stories, and sagas.

Her story can be found HERE